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You can install Services mobile widgets on your mobile device to access your scheduling and rehearsal information so that you don't have to search for it in the Services mobile app. If you have linked accounts, you will see the next assigned time across all accounts.

To access Services information using the widgets, you need to have the latest version of Services mobile installed on your iOS device, and your device must be running iOS 14. Instructions for installing iOS widgets are available on the Apple support site.

See the following sections for descriptions of each widget.

Up Next

The Up Next widget lets you see the next time on your schedule. If you haven't yet confirmed your assignment, you can tap Accept or Decline to respond.



The Rehearse widget also allows you to confirm or decline, but after you've confirmed, you will see a list of songs and keys for your next time in their schedule.


Tap on the song list to open the Services mobile app to that plan’s order. If the widget has room, you might also have a button to launch the media player.

Small widgets on iOS only allow one-tap action, but you can tap and hold to edit the widget’s settings to choose where you want it to take you.


If you lead a team, the Scheduler widget can help you keep an eye on the status of the teams you lead to make sure all those question marks turn into checkmarks. If you lead more than one team in a plan, smaller versions of the widget will total the statuses into one row for Teams I Lead, and larger versions of the widget will show each team separately. 


Tap on your teams to see those team members in the Services mobile app. If the widget has room, it might also show you a button to open the app to the text message composer.

Customize Scheduler

You can change the widget's settings so it always shows the next plan for a certain service, even if you aren't scheduled to it, and All Teams in addition to the Teams I Lead option.

Tap and hold the Scheduler widget and select Edit "Services".


Choose only to see the teams you lead or all of the teams in the upcoming plan.


Set the widget to show plans in My Schedule or a specific Service Type in your account.


Schedule & Rehearse

You don’t have to choose between team status or songs if you're a worship team leader. Instead, you can have it all with the Schedule & Rehearse widget that combines all the widgets.

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