Print or Share Plan Reports

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You can use plan reports to print lists of people serving on a specific team, your service order, service times recorded in Services LIVE, songs used in a plan, and more. You can also create your own custom plan reports.

  • Custom Reports are reports that someone in your church has created just for you. You can also modify the Custom Reports or create your own.

  • Standard Custom Reports are the more popular custom reports that are set up for you so that you don't have to create the custom report yourself.

When you're on the go and unable to access your desktop computer, you can print your plan to a wireless printer or share a PDF with a team member from your mobile device.

Tap the print icon at the top of the order and select a wireless printer paired with your phone.


Choose the standard report and select any of its options, or choose a custom report for a streamlined experience.

You can also print or share a plan report PDF by tapping the share icon at the top of the Plan Summary screen.

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