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From the Times tab in the Plan, switch between My Times and All Times to see your scheduled times.

My Times lets you just see the times you are assigned to for this plan.

All Times shows all of your plan's times. Tap the icon on the All Times tab to create a new time or tap a time box to edit a time.

Enter the information for your time.

  1. Name your Rehearsal Times and Other Times but leave Service Times unnamed, unless you need to differentiate your different services.
  2. When you add a time, enter the date of your service and the start and end time. If your service has multiple service times enter them as two separate times.
  3. Choose the type of time you are creating. 
    • Service Times are the time of the actual plan, mostly advertised service times. 
    • Rehearsal Times are used for rehearsals, call times, or times you want to meet with your teams outside of the service.
    •  Other Times can be used for teams not needed for rehearsal or need to be assigned to a different part of the service as a different time.
  1. The Assigned Teams section checks which Teams of people will be assigned to this time. Only assign teams of people who need to be at that time--the selected times will appear in scheduling emails.
  2. If you want an automated reminder email sent to people in any of your Teams, choose when (in relation to this time) the reminder email should be sent.
  3. If you have already created other plans in the future and are updating this time from now on, turn on Update in Future Plans to make sure any changes you make to the time in this plan are also applied to existing future plans. Check Update existing schedule if you make changes to the current time and want team members' schedules to change.

Tap the checkmark to save the time, the X to cancel changes, or Delete Time to delete it.

Split Team Times

If you have any teams that are set up as Split Teams, you can choose to assign one or both groups to any Rehearsal Times or Other Times you create. The Team will show which group is assigned to that time on the Assigned Team line.

To make changes to that, tap the assigned team and choose the correct group to assign to that time.

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