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You can access the song library from the Songs page in the mobile app.

To access the Songs page, tap Songs from the bottom navigation bar.


The action you can take in the Songs page depends on the permissions you have.

  • Viewers and Schedulers can view songs and files but might not have access to this page. If you need access, contact your leader.

  • Editor or Administrators can add songs from RehearsalMix, the CCLI database, create a new song, or edit a song arrangement.

Add a Song to the Songs Page

To add a song to the Songs page, tap the + sign.

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Start typing in the name of the song. You can search for songs using Popular Recordings or All Songs. You can also choose to create a new song.


More about Popular Recordings and Songs

Popular Recordings allows you to search the RehearsalMix database for popular recordings of a song. You can click on the album art or play a preview clip for a song to determine if this is the version of the song that you want. When you select a song from the Popular Recordings list, you will get the information filled out for the arrangement that you chose.

All Songs allows you to search for all songs in the CCLI SongSelect database.


Once you've selected the song or entered a new song title:

  1. Update the arrangement information, such as time length, BPM, and meter.

  2. Choose a starting key, end key, and alternate keys as necessary.

  3. After you've added all of the information, tap Next in the top right corner.


You can import from RehearsalPack, SongSelect, PraiseCharts, or RehearsalMix if you have those services enabled in your Planning Center account.

In the next screen, edit the song and arrangement tags, and then tap Save. 


Edit an Arrangement

You can make additional changes to an arrangement you just created or edit an existing arrangement.

In the Arrangement screen, use the tabs to create additional keys, manage the tags on this song, view its upcoming schedule, and add files to the arrangement.

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