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View and add songs from the Songs page, which you can access from the songs icon on the Sidebar Menu.


Editors and Administrators can add new songs by tapping + to search the CCLI database or add a new song.

songs library

Viewers and Schedulers can view songs and files, but not everyone has access to this page. If you need access, contact your leader.

Type in the song and either choose it from the CCLI list or create a new song of your own. Then enter the information for the song, such as title, length, BPM, and meter.

song information

Choose a starting key, and, if there's a key change, the end key and choose to download information from SongSelect if you have it linked.

song information

On the next screen, add any tags necessary then save the song to continue adding information about your arrangement.

Songs have different levels: Key > Arrangement > Song
When you add a song, you are immediately taken to the Arrangement page to add information about the arrangement you just created, but you can get to the key and song levels as well.

  • The Key level holds all the information for the specific keys, like a chord chart or sheet music.
  • The Arrangement level holds all the information for that specific arrangment, such as the lyrics sheet, the length, BPM, and meter.
  • The Song level holds any information that pertains to all arrangements and all keys of the songs, such as the title, author, and copyright. Files that pertain to all arrangements and keys can be added to the Songs level and will show anytime the song is added, regardless of arrangement or key.

This information is covered more in depth on the web app and in the Songs, Arrangements, & Keys article.

Select Edit to make changes to the arrangement, such as the length, BPM, and meter.

Arrangement information
  • If you have additional keys you want to play the arrangement in, add them from the Keys tab.
  • Add any tags to the arrangement to be able to search and filter when searching for songs.
  • Once you start scheduling the song, you can see when it's been played in the Schedule tab.

From the Files tab, view and add any files for the arrangement. When you select Add a File, you can add a file or photo from your device, take a photo, or attach a link to the arrangement.

arrangement page

You can also add files to specific keys from the Keys tab.

If you want to make changes to the song, use the back arrow (labeled Song Details) to show all the arrangements of this song and make changes from the Song level.

song details
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