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Access your profile, plans, songs, media, people, and much more from the sidebar menu by swiping right.

The Planning Center Services Mobile App is available only on iOS and Android.

  1. Tap on your name to reveal the option to view and edit your profile's avatar, contact information, recent emails, schedule, and blockout dates.
  2. If you have linked multiple accounts for different organizations, tap the arrow to show the menu for your linked accounts.
  3. Navigate to Plans, Songs, Media, and People Tabs.
  4. Quickly add a new Blockout date, and let your scheduler know when you are not available. 
  5. Link your schedule to your device's calendar app as a new calendar subscription that will automatically stay synced.
  6. Use the Help & Settings to access documentation or change your app preferences.

Help gives you access online documentation, contact support, or view existing support requests.

Settings gives you access to your Cached files that are temporarily downloaded within the app's storage. Each file will "expire" and be deleted 30 days after the date of the plan it was used for.

To manually delete a file, swipe from left to right & select, "Delete".

To manually delete all files, select, "Delete All", at the bottom of the list.

"Reset" Cached Data clears out all files and other possible bad data in the app. If you are finding the app is showing incorrect information when compared to your plans on the web, use this option to reset the app.

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