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Send a scheduling email or text from a plan to notify people of the details about that plan.

From one of the Teams tabs, select the envelope icon.

Teams screen

An envelope icon next to someone's name means some people in that team still have a prepared notification and haven't been emailed about the plan at all.

Choose who to message, based on status and teams.

  1. Choose Prepared Notifications to only send to people with the envelope icon by their name, Scheduled People to email people scheduled to the plan, or Needed Signups to email people assigned to any needed positions about Signup Sheets.
  2. Check which statuses you want to email.
  3. Choose the teams you want to email.
  4. For split teams, you can choose to email people assigned to specific times.
  5. Choose specific recipients from the selected teams.

Once you've chosen who to message, tap Next.


Send an email to the people you chose in the previous screen by selecting the Email tab and entering the necessary information.

Send Email
  1. Confirm, add, or remove email recipients.
  2. Select an email template that has been prepared in the Services web app.
  3. Compose the email text.

Emails use the Liquid programming language to insert dynamic content into each email. When you send the email, each tag enclosed in {{ }} is replaced with the appropriate content for the person receiving the email:

  • {{to.first_name}} will be replaced with their first name when the email is sent.
  • You can also use {{to.last_name}} or {{}}.
  • Edit your personal signature from your profile page, and it will be inserted at {{from.signature}}.

When you are finished entering information, tap the arrow at the top of the screen.

The email will include the information on which teams, positions, and specific times a person is scheduled. Unconfirmed people will have buttons to Accept, Decline, and View This Service, and confirmed people will have the button to View This Service.


Text the people you chose in the previous screen from the Text tab.

Send Text
  1. Add mobile numbers for people who don't have them in their profile. Any numbers that you add here will be saved to the people's profiles.
  2. View who will receive this text message and remove people, if necessary.
  3. Add the body of the text. Add any information you would like to send with the included link to the plan.
  4. Select the checkbox to include the name and last four digits of a person's phone number in your text, so others know who is responding.

Tap the arrow to open your messaging app and start a group message with the listed people.

When you click to send a text, you are taken to your device's preferred text messaging app to actually send the message. Any follow up to your text will take place within that app, outside of Planning Center.

After you've sent scheduling emails or texts, you can check the status icon next to the person's name to find out their scheduling status.

When you message scheduled people, the plan will show up in My Schedule.

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