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Search, filter, view, and contact your team members on the People page, which you can access from the Sidebar Menu.

The People tab is only accessible to people with Scheduler, Editor, or Administrator permissions. Some Viewers also have access depending on the Services Settings. If you need access, contact your leader.

The People page lists everyone with access to Services. People are listed by alphabetical order by first name. You can also search for individual people in the Search box.

Add people to your account with the + or search them in the search bar. If a person exists in your People database but not in Services, their name will be grayed out.

Select the grayed out name to add them to Services or select Create a New Person instead.

To view a person's profile, tap their name. In the profile, you can view their contact information, recent emails, their schedule, blockout dates, and assigned tags.

You can also use tap one of the icons next to the person's picture to email, call, or text the person.

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