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Upload your own files, or link to files on the internet from within the app or the file/link itself.

Only Administrators and Editors can upload, edit, or delete files. Editors can only delete files they uploaded.

Add Files within the App

You can add files to a media item, a song, a song arrangement, or a single key within a song arrangement.

Any media that you attach to a media item in the mobile app must be added to the Media library in the web app first.

From a Media item or Song, select the Files tab, then tap + Add File.

add a file to item

Chose the method to add file or photo from your device or attach a link to the item.

choose file or link

Name your file, and check the Attach To section to verify the file is being uploaded to the correct place.

Tap the Save icon to upload to add the file to the item.

link details

The file will show in the attachments section of the item.

Tap the Options menu for the file to edit the file name or delete the file.

Upload Files from Your Device

If you're already viewing a file and want to upload it to an item in Services, tap Send file... from the Options menu in the upper right corner.

file on device

Tap Add to Services.

upload file to services

Navigate to where you want to attach the file, and then when the Attach To section of the File Details page is correct, tap the Save icon.

file details

Once uploaded, you can access the file from any device!

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