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My Schedule is the first screen that you see when you log in to Services. In My Schedule, you can view all of your scheduling requests, available signup sheets, and confirmed plans. You can also view your household members' schedules, set blockout dates, and sign them up for plans using signup sheets if their teams use them.

View Household Schedules

If you are part of a household and have permission to view household member schedules, choose the household member schedules you want to view in the dropdown. You can respond to scheduling requests, signup sheets, and set blockouts for yourself and your household.


Set Blockouts or Email Leaders

At the top of My Schedule, you can add blockouts, or email any of the leaders of the teams you are assigned to. 

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Respond to Scheduling Requests

Scheduling requests have a breakdown for you to access the most important information before you confirm or decline.

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  1. View the plan date, service type, and position requested. Tap to go to the plan.

  2. If your team is a rehearsal team, you can access any media attached to the plan.

  3. View the times you're being requested for.

  4. Accept or decline the request.

    • After you've accepted a position, the plan drops to a Confirmed section under the Pending invitations.

    • If you've declined a position and left a reason, the plan no longer displays in the dashboard. You must contact your team leader if you change your mind and want to accept later.

Accept All Requests

To accept all scheduling requests, including all pending requests for household members showing on your schedule, click Accept All.

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Confirm Multiple Positions in a Plan

You can either accept or decline all positions for a plan or split your response between the different positions.

Tap Split to respond separately to each position.


Confirm Requests for Multiple Times

Sometimes the team you are scheduled to gives you the option to accept a position at one or more Service Times.

Tap Accept or Decline to show each of the times separately.

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Signup Sheets

You can sign up your household members if their team uses Signup Sheets and their schedule is viewable on your My Schedule page. If anyone in your household has signups available, view their signup sheet by tapping Sign Up.

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On the Signup, you'll see the dates and positions you can sign that person up for. You can also view any scheduling conflicts. Tap the box next to the position(s) you want to sign your household member up for, and then tap Sign Up to accept it.

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