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My Schedule is the first screen you see when you log in to the mobile app. In My Schedule, you can view all of your scheduling requests, available signup sheets, and confirmed plans.

You can also view and respond to scheduling requests for your household members if you have households set up in Planning Center.

Household Schedules

If you have households set up in Planning Center, you can click on a picture of a household member to see their schedule along with yours on the My Schedule page.

You can also respond to scheduling requests for household members that are showing on your My Schedule page.

Confirming Requests for Multiple Positions

There are a few different options available for accepting or declining when more than one position is scheduled to a plan.

Household confirm
  1. Accept all scheduled positions shown in the Pending section, including any positions that are showing for household members.
  2. Either accept or decline all positions shown on the plan or split your response between the different positions.
  3. Accept or decline one or more times for a position.
  4. Accept or decline an individual position.

If you tap Split on a plan card, you can respond separately to each position.

Split positions

After you've accepted a position, the plan drops to a Confirmed section underneath the Pending invitations. If you have declined a position, it no longer displays in the dashboard. You will need to contact your team leader if you change your mind and want to accept later.

Confirming Requests for Multiple Times

In some cases, the team you are scheduled to gives you the option to accept a position at one or more Service Times.

Tap Accept or Decline to show each of the times separately.


Accept or Decline

After you tap Accept or Decline for a service with more than one time in the main My Schedule tab, you can accept or decline each service time individually, and then tap Submit.

Multiple times

Leave the reason for your decline in the box at the bottom.

Signup Sheets

If your leader has assigned you to a team that has signups available, view the sign up sheet by tapping Sign Up from My Schedule.

Sign up link

Once. you've tapped Sign Up, you'll see the different dates that you can sign up for a position.

Sign up confirm

You can also get to the sign up sheet by tapping the link in a signup email on your mobile device. The link will take you to the web app version of Services, where you can sign up for a position.

Signup email

You will be able to see when signup sheets are available for others in your household, but you will not be able to sign up for them

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