Plans: An Overview

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View and manage everything that's happening in your plan right from your app! A Plan is an individual service flow that is usually created on a weekly basis.

All users can access plans from My Schedule. Tap the date for the plan that you want to view.

If you have the schedules of household members showing on your My Schedule page, you will only be able to access plans that you are scheduled for. Other plans for your household members will be grayed out.

If you have Viewer permissions and above, you can also navigate to a specific plan that is not on your schedule through Folders and Service Types from the Plans tab.

The colored bar on a plan that you are scheduled to shows whether you have confirmed or declined or if your response is pending.

From a Plan page, you can use the share button at the top of the plan to open the plan in Music Stand, Headcounts, or your device's default mobile web browser.

You must have the appropriate subscription and the app installed on your device to access the other Planning Center products.

Depending on your permissions, you can do the following things from a Plan page:

  • View and manage all of the things happening in your plan's Order of Service.
  • Manage your scheduled team members by importing templates, adding individual people, setting up needed positions.
  • View your assigned plan times, or add, edit, or delete plan times.
  • Add plan notes in any category. Categories themselves can only be edited on the full website.
  • View all file attachments for your plan items, plan, and service type.
  • Services LIVE allows you to step through your plan in real time to keep track of timing, see your item notes right when you need them, and stay in sync.
  • All of your audio files (mp3, m4a, aac formats) can be played and temporarily downloaded to your device with the Media Player. Files will automatically delete 30 days after the day of the plan.
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