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The Teams section in a plan shows you the people who are scheduled to this specific plan, organized by Teams.

To access teams, navigate to a Plan, and then tap Teams.

My Teams view

Use My Teams and All Teams to view who has been scheduled to the plan.

  • My Teams are teams in which you are a leader, assigned to a position, or scheduled for this plan.
  • All Teams are all the teams assigned to this plan.

Some permissions don't allow access to All Teams. Contact your leader if you need access.

Scheduler and higher permissions can tap the + at the bottom of the page to add/remove needed positions, schedule a person, or import a template that you've made in the web app. There are more options for scheduling people in the Services web app.

Update Needed Positions

To change needed positions, tap the + sign and Needed Positions. Then you can increase or decrease the amount of people needed on the team by tapping the + or - icons.

needed positions

Schedule a Person

To schedule a person to a team, tap the + sign and Schedule A Person. Then tap the name of the person, the team that you want to add the person to, and the role that you want the person to fill.

Import a Template

To import a template, tap the + sign and Import Template. Then select the template that you want to import from the list of plan templates, and then tap Import. You can set up templates from the Services web app.

Contact Team Members

Email or text your teams by tapping the envelope icon on the right corner.

envelope icon

Contact a Team Member Directly

Tap on a team member's name to quickly send them a text message, email, or phone call.

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