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There are a few different ways to save your login information in the mobile app so that it's fast and simple to log right back in again.

Use Safari Saved Passwords

Login details can be saved directly to your iOS device when you log into the app. You can also sync these details to all of your Apple devices via iCloud, as well as to Safari on the web.

Once you have filled in the email/phone number and your password, make sure Save Login Details at the bottom of the screen is enabled.

If your login details have already been saved, you'll see a pop-up on the login screen that will allow you to use that information.

If you've logged into from Safari's desktop or mobile app, and had saved your password in the process, the last step shown above should already work for you.

However, if at any time something needs changing, you can always manage this information directly on your device:

Go to Settings > Safari, and tap Passwords.

Use Touch ID, or enter your device passcode

Select any saved password to edit it.

To add a new password:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of saved passwords.
  2. Tap Add Password.
  3. Enter "" for the website
  4. Enter your user name and password.

  Re-open the app, and tap the  log in again with this new saved information.

This menu will also allow you to edit and delete existing passwords as well.

Use iCloud to Save Safari Passwords

Your passwords can also be saved to iCloud, so they are available on all of your iOS devices.

To set that up, go to Settings > iCloud, and enable Safari.

To ensure all of your iOS devices are able to access your saved passwords, make sure iCloud Keychain is enabled; otherwise, just your bookmarks and browsing history will be synced.

To troubleshoot further, see this Apple article: Get help using iCloud Keychain.

Use 1Password Manager

If you already use 1Password for storing passwords for other applications and websites, you can log in by tapping on the 1Password icon at the top of the login screen.

Choose 1Password from the menu, and you'll be asked to verify yourself in order to gain access to your passwords.

Once you choose a saved password, the information will populate into the Services mobile log in screen and allow you to log in.

These steps will be required each time you log out of the app.

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