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You can choose where you want to receive scheduling notifications or notifications for all Services emails. If you'd like to receive them in the Services mobile app, you can manage those notifications in the settings.


These steps will only work if your device settings are enabled to receive notifications.

To enable app notifications, tap Settings from your profile, and then go to the Notification settings.


Once you choose your preferred app, choose the notifications you'd like to show on the app.

  1. If both Services and Church Center are downloaded onto the device, you can choose which app receives the notifications.

  2. You will receive push notifications for each type you enable, in addition to the email you receive.

  3. If you want to receive a text message with a notification, you can enable the notifications you prefer.


    Text notification options will only show if the carrier is listed in your profile.

Services LIVE Notifications

If you leave the Services app with Services LIVE still open, you'll get a push notification for chat messages. Once you close LIVE in the app, you'll stop receiving those notifications.

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