Receiving App Notifications

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Set up notifications in the Services mobile app for all emails or Services LIVE in the Settings.

To enable app notifications, go to the Settings from the Sidebar then tap Notifications.


Select the type of notifications you would prefer to show up on your device.

  1. Choose to enable push notifications, which will send a notification to your phone based on your general phone settings.
  2. Allow notifications to include all of your emails.
  3. Include all new emails to show in your app Badge Count on the home screen.

In order to receive reminder emails, both settings in PUSH NOTIFICATIONS need to be enabled.

If you have push notifications enabled, you'll get a notification if someone comments in Services LIVE, even if you leave the app.

LIVE notification example

If you close LIVE in the Services app by going to a different part of the plan or app, you won't get push notifications anymore.

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