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You can upload your own files or link to files on the internet from within the app or your device. For songs, you can even scan a document and import it to Lyrics & Chords!


Only Administrators and Editors can upload, edit, or delete files. In addition, Editors can only delete files they uploaded.

Add Files Within the App

You can add files to media items, a song, a song arrangement, or a single key within a song arrangement.

From a media or song, tap Add a File.


Add a file or photo from your device, attach a link, or scan a document.


Name your file and check the Attach To section to verify the file is being attached to the correct place.

Tap Upload to add the file to the item.


Once attached, you can access the file from any device!

Swipe the attachment to edit its information or delete it.

Scan a Document

You can use your camera to take a picture of a document and upload it as a PDF to a song or media.

From a media item or song, tap Add a File, and then choose Scan a Document from the menu.


Scan the document.

  1. Your phone should automatically recognize a page if there is enough contrast with its surroundings, but if not, you can manually snap the picture.

  2. Continue scanning additional pages, and then tap Save to capture it all in a single PDF.

  1. Name the file.

  2. Make sure that the file is being attached in the correct place.

  3. For a song file, toggle to green to import the text into Lyrics & Chords.

  4. Tap Upload.

If you uploaded a song file, double-check the text recognition by tapping Lyrics & Chords after completing the upload.

Upload Files from Your Device

If you're already viewing a file and want to upload it to a Song or Media item in Services, tap the share icon on the file.


Tap Copy to Services from the menu.


You may have to scroll to find the button or use More to move Services to the beginning of the menu.

Use the Attach To section to choose the correct song or media item, then tap Upload.


Once the file is uploaded, you can access it from any device!

Swipe the attachment to edit its information or delete it.

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