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You can use the Lyrics & Chords Editor to create and edit lyric and chord charts from a Song Arrangement page.

From a Song Arrangement file attachments tab, tap Lyrics & Chords to open the editor.


Editing Lyrics & Chords

From the Lyrics & Chords editor, you can edit the lyrics and chords for the arrangement.

  1. Format the song sheet.

  2. Preview a PDF of the song sheet.

  3. Choose the key you will use to type out your chord chart.

  4. To edit the text, tap the text area of the page to access the touch keyboard. Edit your lyrics or chord chart using ChordPro or standard chords

When you save your changes to Lyrics & Chords, transposed chord charts are automatically created for every key added to the arrangement. You can view these transposed PDFs from the Files section.

Enabling Lyrics, Numbers, and Numeral Charts

You can create the following additional PDFs from the bottom of the Lyrics & Chords page:

  • Lyrics - All chords are stripped out leaving only lyrics and section headings.

  • Numbers - Chords are converted to the Nashville Number system, replacing chords with the number they represent. Because these charts don't contain specific chords, one chart can be used for any key.

  • Numerals - Similar to Numbers, but uses roman numerals instead of simple numbers.


The PDFs you create will be available as file attachments when you navigate back to the Arrangement page.

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