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You can add and edit plan items from the Order of Service page, which you can access from a Plan.

You must have Editor or Administrator permissions to edit the order of service.

Adding Plan Items

To add a plan item, tap the + (plus) icon,  then tap the type of item that you want to add or drag it to where you want it to occur in the service.

After adding any necessary details for the new item, tap the Save icon to add it to the service.

If necessary, drag and drop the item to where it will occur in the service.

Editing or Deleting Plan Items


From the Order of Service page, tap an item to edit it.

  1. Change the duration of the item, and choose whether it takes place before, during, or after the service.
  2. Add an optional description of the item.
  3. Add or update notes, link a song or media item, or view files related to the item.

The item details field that allows you to add longer text with formatting options is only available from the web app at this time.

From the top of the page, tap the Save icon to save your change or tap the trashcan icon to delete it.

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