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From. your profile, you can update your contact information, respond to scheduling requests and set blockouts. You can also view email and access teams, tags, help, and settings.

To access your profile, open the Sidebar Menu, tap your name, and then tap Profile.

People with Scheduler permissions and higher can edit other people's profiles.

From your Profile page, you can take several actions.

  1. Tap the menu to switch accounts (if you have linked accounts), edit contact info, update your photo, refresh the app, or log out.
  2. Tap to view your Teams or Tags. From the Teams page, you can update team assignments and scheduling preferences. You need at least Scheduler permissions to see tags.
  3. Choose a tab to view your schedule, or subscribe to your serving calendar, set blockout dates, or view sent and received messages.
  4. Access support or update settings. From Settings, you can update notifications or dark mode settings.

You can only view your own schedule and block out dates from the profile. To access your household schedule, go to the My Schedule page.

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