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Update your email address, change your password, set up text messaging notifications, and manage other options from your personal profile page.

To access your profile, open the Sidebar Menu, tap your name, and then tap Profile.

People with Scheduler permissions and higher can edit other people's profiles.

From your Profile page, you can do several things. See the sections below for more details on which actions you can take.

Update Your Photo

To update your profile photo, tap on the photo.

In the Profile Photo menu, tap on one of the options to view a bigger version of the photo, take a photo to add to your profile, or choose a photo from your device library.

Edit Contact Info

To edit your contact information, tap the pencil icon.

Make any necessary edits in Edit Contact Info, and when you are finished, choose the Save icon.

You will receive Planning Center emails to every email address in your profile.

Refer to the Setting Up Text Notifications article for more information on setting up text messaging.

View Recent Messages

You can view messages you've received from Services, as well as any messages you've sent from Services.

Manage Your Schedule

View the positions and plans that you are scheduled for. If you have any unconfirmed schedules, confirm or decline them, so your leader can know if you'll be there.

Set Blockout Dates

You can view your blockout dates that have already been scheduled and also schedule new blockout dates.

Update Team Preferences

You can view a list of the teams that you are a member or leader of and change your scheduling preferences.

If you are a scheduler, you can also update team assignments for other another person from their profile.

View and Edit Tags

If you have Scheduler permissions or above, view tags that have been assigned to you, and edit your tags.

If you have Viewer or Scheduled Viewer permissions, you will not be able to see your tags from your profile.

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