Blockout Dates

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Blockout dates help remind your team leader you're unavailable to serve for a time frame you set. When they try to schedule you for a date, they'll see a warning letting them know you're unavailable.

Add Blockout Dates

To add block out dates, tap Add Blockout from the top of My Schedule.

Edit the blockout date settings.

Blockout settings
  1. If you have households set up in Planning Center, tap the pictures of the people that you want to set the blockouts for.
  2. If you have linked accounts, you can set the blackouts for all linked accounts or only this account.

Add the times and dates, frequency, and reason for the blockout.

Blockout settings

To save your changes, tap the checkmark in the upper right corner.

Edit or Delete Blockout Dates

To edit or delete the blockout date, tap the date from the bottom of My Schedule.

Sidebar edit

If these blockout dates have been set for your household, choose to either edit the blockout for the whole household or only for yourself.

Make any needed edits, and then tap the checkmark.

Edit blockout

To delete a blockout, tap Delete Blockout at the bottom of the Edit Blockout Date screen.

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