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Switch to the Dark mode to force the Services app into a dark new look!

Services version 4 is here to accompany the release of iOS 13, and we're taking advantage of one its biggest features...dark mode! We sense you're going to like it!


• Enable Dark Mode in iOS 13 to see the beautiful new dark theme for Services. Opening the app in church or on stage is sometimes needed, but don't overuse it, or like the app, people will start to see you in a different light.
• For those who increase the text size on their phones, Dynamic Text is now supported in the Order of Service. Now that's what we call a big improvement.


• We've also improved things for those who navigate primarily by voice instead of by sight. Buttons to add notes, songs, media, or files to plan items are now labeled so they're accessible by voice. We lifted the prohibition for you to speak easy.


• You'll feel much better when you don't get an error when trying to delete files from some songs. Okay, this one's a stretch, but no need to be so touchy! 

See how to Enable Dark Mode with iOS 13 here

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